Terms & Policies


Rental/Cancellation Policies

Due to several issues with no shows and multiple reschedules we have put a new policy into effect that we have reviewed multiple times and feel we are being as fair as possible. Please understand when you read over the policies that we are only in season 6 months out of the year and our boat rentals are a primary source of our revenues.


We do not allow cancelations for rain or overcast weather, the only reason we cancel is lightning due to safety issues.

*There are no refunds for early returns*

Must be born on or before January 1st, 1986 or have a boaters safety course certificate, and also must be at least 25 years of age. If you have a boaters safety course certificate must be presented at time of arrival.


Cancellation Policies

The deposit amount is $200 that isn't charged unless/until cancellations

14 or more days prior to reservation: A $25 cancellation fee.

13-4 days prior to reservation: $100 cancellation fee

or less days to the reservation: $200 cancellation fee

The day of the reservation: cancellation: Cancellation or no shows will be responsible and charged from the full price of the reservation.


 *On All Day Rentals  or morning rentals if you haven't arrived by 10am or called the boat will become available for re-rental.